Happy full moon everyone!

I’ve attached the agenda and sent it out via email.  Click here to view or download the full version:   Lake Auburn Community Center Committee Agenda 2-18-24

If anyone has any additions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Great things happening with grants being approved, new people coming on board, and importantly, the new Winterfest date of Sunday the 23rd – SPREAD THE WORD! Tree burning, food, refreshments, and outdoor FUN! If you are available to stop in Sunday the 23rd please let us know as soon as possible so we can coordinate our efforts!

See you Tuesday!

-Jason P.


Lake Auburn Community Center Agenda

February 18, 2014 – 6:00pm

Androscoggin Bank Community Room: 683 Minot Ave, Auburn



1. Officer Reports:

Brenda Benner – Co-Recording Secretary

Minutes for January, 2013

Discussion & Corrections

Motion to approve
2. Rick Shea – Finance Chair

Financial report/LACC accounts


Motion to approve
3.  Barn roof update: During barn straightening, roofing concerns came up that need to be discussed.

4.  Winterfest postponed. Tree burning, Winterfest events planned for Sunday February 23rd at 1pm. This gives us a week to talk it up!

5.  “Conservation Trail” LACFB/tree nursery – Tree Nursery Winter/Spring Update (Rick)

6.  Grant award update $7,230.00 ($14,160.00 total including in-kind), tentative work plan drafting?

7.  Other upcoming events? Thoughts & Prep for the SPRING?

8.  Open session! New Business!!