Let’s be honest with each other, this virus stuff has made us all a little loopy, inconsistent, and “off” our usual routine. Here at the Lake Auburn Community Center, one thing that hasn’t waivered is the support of our donors and volunteers.

We’d like to call out a long time sponsor/donor, who has preferred to remain the silent workhorse behind the scenes, keeping our website up and running, and managing a digital media campaign along with all the little ins and outs of keeping accounts current, renewal bills paid, required upgrades to content management platforms, plugins, and all the other good things that go unspoken of with the smooth operation of a non-profit on the digi-twixt-interwebs.

Seriously, Scott Hill and his team at Dojo Digital deserve a round of thanks. Please join us in thanking them for the work they do.

More info about Dojo Digital can be found here (share it!):

“As online curators, Dojo Digital has searched out and partnered with industry leaders to bring you the very best technology and support for your business. We focus on truly mobile-ready responsive websites, using the best development practices on a rock-solid WordPress platform.

With lightning-fast managed WordPress hosting, reliable email hosting, user-friendly content management, email marketing, and best-in-class customer service, Dojo Digital delivers a hassle-free online presence.

We simplify your online experience, so you can focus on your brand and your customers.”