Recently there has been a lot going on at the Community Center. In addition to the usual drop-ins for a nature stroll or a pick-up beach volleyball game, there have been two public meetings of the Auburn Water District and the Lake Auburn Community Center/LAWNA Board of Directors also met to discuss some barn and property related items.  A small group of volunteers also recently performed some trail maintenance on the back entrance to the Conservation trail.

The Water District meetings were held as a part of a task force to review the bylaws for the protection of Lake Auburn. A group of Trustees has been meeting to formulate a charge for a formal review committee to be approved by the AWD Board of Trustees.  These issues can be followed at the AWD website here.

A meeting of the LACC/LAWNA Board was held, partially via zoom video conference, to provide a status update relating to barn restoration and ongoing planning for the property.  As we approach the ten-year mark only a few short years away, our Board is always considering options including looking at outside entities to take over a portion of the property and/or barn in order to accelerate barn restoration efforts, ensure regular maintenance is being accomplished, and continue to keep the property open and free for public use.

In mid-July, a small group of volunteers clipped some of the prickers back from the Merrick’s Way entrance to Conservation trail.  We’re always looking for help to perform this task so if you are reading this and know anyone with a few minutes and a pair of clippers, please don’t hesitate to check in with us either on facebook ( or via email to and we’ll set you up to help!  

Remember that our public meeting space in the icehouse is available to anyone at no charge. All we ask is that you “leave no trace” – carry-in carry-out of any trash or other items, and use the check-in feature on facebook to let us and others know about your meeting!  Oh, and bring your bottles or please visit our donation page affiliated with the Paypal Giving Fund to consider contributing to keep our Community Center free and open to the public!