Download the printable pdf copy here: LAWNA Feb 2020 Agenda

Lake Auburn Watershed Neighborhood Association (LAWNA)

Meeting Agenda

Bilodeau @ 207 N Auburn Rd, Auburn

  1. Call to Order
    1. Introductions
    2. Officer Reports
      1. President/Chairman’s Reports
      2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. Administrative Business
  2. Officers and Directors Slate for 2019/2020 – appointment of 7th Director
  3. LACC Property Proposal
    1. President’s Introduction
    2. Dulac’s Updates
    3. Attorney Recommendations
    4. Q & A 
    5. Vote & Followup
  4. Five Year Plan
    1. Create five-year plan with direction/input from officers
    2. Discussion items (not exclusive)
      1. Partner with another 501c3 for LACC barn
      2. Transfer ownership to organization with labor/capital required
      3. Short-term structural and maintenance needs for LACC
  5. Fat-Bike Groomer Funding Request
  6. Future Items
    1. Lake Auburn waterfront access goals
    2. New ambitions for LAWNA
  7. Open Session
  8. Adjourn


The Lake Auburn Community Center is located at 115 North Auburn Road at the historic West Auburn Farm site, now 6 acres with about 275 feet of road frontage.  It serves as the gateway to Auburn’s community forest surrounding Lake Auburn for the neighboring community and to local clubs and organizations. The Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers currently store their trail groomer and signing inventory on site.  Also Cub Scout Packs from Auburn and Turner have used the property and others are encouraged to do so. Additional future uses include a tree nursery (already in progress) and a two hundred year old barn ( 34 x 36 ) restoration project that will bring meeting rooms and storage opportunities for clubs and organizations.  The property is owned by the Lake Auburn Watershed Neighborhood Association (LAWNA) a 501c3 charitable organization established in August of 2007 and managed by the independent Lake Auburn Community Center committee.