We wanted to take a moment to talk about our community water source… beautiful Lake Auburn! As many of you are well aware, the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission (LAWPC) owns (or controls through easement) approximately 2,000 acres of forest surrounding our lake.

Historically, LAWPC felt the best option to protect was to keep bordering land off limits. The thought process is changing. LAWPC is now looking to partner with the community by correcting existing trails, improving the treatment of the trails, and adding signage.

I invite you to think about what the Lake means to you beyond being our community water source. Is it the recreational piece for you, or the environmental piece, or a combination of both? Whatever your position we can all agree it is a great resource so close to home and your participation in these discussions is important!

You all have a right to be heard! Please come to one of the upcoming public sessions to discuss the best use of the property and access points.

Tuesday 4/28 6:30pm at USM-Lewiston RM 108
& Saturday 5/2 9AM @ CMMC, RM 3410