Lake Auburn Community Committee Agenda August 20, 2013

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6pm Tuesday night, at the Community Property!!  430-559pm Volley Ball
If raining meet inside the barn at 6pm.   PLEASE BRING YOUR BOTTLES !!!

1.    Officer Reports:
Scott Bussiere, recording secretary:  Minutes for July, 2013

Rick Shea, finance chair:  Financial report LACC account(s)     POSTPONED UNTIL RICK’S ARRIVAL about 7pm

Jason Pawlina: Chairman report

2.    Volley Ball Court/Skating rink:

A. Next PB meeting September 10, 6PM please mark your calendars – UPDATE
B. John Jenkins abutter letter concerns
C. Site Plan revision in progress per Auburn chapter 60
D. status of using the VB court in the interim

3.    September 8, LAKE AUBURN HALF MARATHON, hydration & bike support table; barn work party & OPEN “BARN” day

4.    Updates:

A  “Conservation Trail” LACFB/tree nursery
B  Norway Savings fund raiser/picnic tables & post pads
C  Merrick’s way dedication & AWD/APW lends a hand – great success

5.    September 12, 2013 MARGARITA NIGHT FUNDRAISER FOR LACC!!  Monies to be earmarked for barn and?????

6.    Nominations for Chair (has been tabled) Jason is Vice Chairman, acting as Chair in the interim, Thank you Jason!!!

7.    Open session!  New Business!!  Scott Hatch: 15 minutes Community Demographics!

8.    Adjourn


Lake Auburn Community Committee (LACC)  member’s …….

1.   Public Rep                                                        Auburn Ward 1 City Councilor            Ms. Tizz Crowley
2 .  Neighborhood Rep                                         West/North Auburn Neighbor            Ms. Paula Curtis-Everett
3.   Watershed  Education  & Outreach             (wants to attend meeting!)                  Mr. John Storer
4.   Land Owner Relations Consultant Rep     Barn Wright, Inc.                                   Mr. Scott Hatch
5.   Grant Writer Rep                                            State of Maine Courts                           Ms. Suzanna Boucher
6.   Snowmobile Rep                                             Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers V.P.      Mr. Tom Benner
7.   Scouts Rep                                                        Cub Scout troop 567                             Mr. Jason Pawlina (LAWNA BOD & Vice Chair)
8.   Skiing Rep                                                        Auburn Nordic Ski Association          Mr. Jim Wilkens
9 .  Sports/youth  Rep                                          Auburn Winter-fest/ Youth groups    Mr. Scott Bussiere   (LACC Recording Clerk)
10. Sportsman Rep                                               Maine licensed sportsman                    Mr. George Bussiere
11. Bicycle Rep                                                      NE Mt BikeAss./Bike Coalition ME     Mr.  Gregory Jancaitis
12. Equestrian Rep                                               Oakwood Equestrian Center                 Mr. Ray & Tina Nichols  (LAWNA BOD)
13. Forestry Rep                                                   L/A Community Forest Board               Mr. Rick Shea   (LACC Finance Chair)
14. Social Media Marketing Rep              Website designs          Mr. Scott Hill   (LACC Social Media Marketing)
15. Beach Volley Ball Rep                                   Bates Volleyball Coach                           Ms. Margo Linton
16. Historical Rep                                                 Lake Auburn/Barn history                   TBA
17. Youth Rep (assistant)                                                                 Ms. Michelle Hill
18. Photography Rep                                           Kayak interests too!                                Mr. Alan Holbrook
19. Golf Rep                                                           PRST & Food management                  Mr. Larry Cogel
20. Gardening and herb Rep                             Streaked Mountain Herbs & Crafts     Ms. Robin Rockett
21  Running Rep                                                   ELHS Coach/Lake Aub Half Mar.     Mr. Dan Campbell
22. Trail Boss                                                        PRST Trail Master                                  Mr. Dan Bilodeau
23. Disc Golf Rep                                                 Former Ward 1 City Councilor             Mr. Ron Potvin