Yesterday Tom Benner of Benner & Son generously sponsored the upcoming Volley ball and skating rink with a donation!  With a 1 to 1 match, $1000.00 is now ear marked for the hybrid beach V-Ball Court/Skate rink. This should be more than enough to get a high quality net/line system, balls and all the needed materials!! Also some lighting before snow flies!

For those of you thinking about spreading the news about fund raising there is still $4000.00 on the table for 2013 if we find $800.00 (in any amounts) in the 1 to 5 match that was proposed last year. Let folks know their $20 dollar bill gets them $100 in the account for whatever interest they might have as represented by a committee member!

Click Here – to check out out donations page or DONATE  NOW with Paypal.

Hope to see any and all this Saturday at the Picnic Dinner!

Thanks again to Tom Benner and check out Benner & Son pages on facebook and Google+