Please join us at Auburn City Hall along with members of the Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers and other fellow residents at an open trails workgroup with the Auburn Conservation Commission.

Below you’ll find an agenda for the preliminary meeting tomorrow, Tuesday February 26, 2018 at 6pm.

This will be an extremely rewarding and educational opportunity for anyone in the City of Auburn to learn more about the many goings on trail-wise across our City and to voice your opinion about the walkways, trails, and many other paths we all have a connection to – great or small.

Auburn has at minimum dozens, if not hundreds of historic trails, interesting nature paths, and recreational byways that are no longer commonly used or known about. These landmarks are treasure troves of educational natural habitat and bustling recreational activity which have contributed significantly to the development of our diverse City.

Everyone is encouraged to attend to help kick off this exciting discussion group.


Auburn Trails Workgroup Agenda for Preliminary Meeting February 6, 2018 – 6:00 PM
1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Purpose of this preliminary meeting
• Auburn Conservation Commission
• Potential goals of a Trails Workgroup

• Short-term goals:
• Gather a representative group
• Conservation Commission
• Parks Subcommittee
• City Staff representatives
• Androscoggin Land Trust
• Snowmobile club(s)
• Ski Clubs
• Bicycle trail users
• Pedestrian trail users
• Other trail users
• Lake Auburn Watershed and other conservation groups
• Assess the need for a trails workgroup/subcommittee
• If needed, where/how should this exist?
• Determine goals & responsibilities

• Potential goals of permanent workgroup:
• Identify trails in Auburn
• Public
• Private
• Assess current use
• Help coordinate maintenance of trails
• Help coordinate responsible creation of trails (including connections between existing trails)
• Landowner approval for current use/other potential uses
• Help with conservation easements?
• Assist landowners with signage/maintenance
• Landowner approval for publicity

• Document trails (maps, website, etc.)
• Promote responsible use of trails
• Marketing – Make Auburn a destination for trail users
• Help with grant applications and other funding (e.g. MCC)

3. Discussion
• Would a group like this be useful?
• Goals
• Membership
• Relationship to other groups (clubs and other groups, city departments and boards, etc.)
• Structure

4. Next Steps