AUGUST 19, 2014 – 7:00PM
5:00 PM

5pm Pre-Committee Meeting Volleyball, Snacks and Refreshments from 5 to 6:30pm. All are welcomed to attend and are encouraged to bring something to contribute to the snacking and refreshing while we prepare for our 7pm committee meeting!

7:00 PM Regular Committee Meeting Session

1. Officer Reports:
Brenda Benner/Kerri Pawlina –Recording Secretaries
• Quick Review of Previous Meeting Minutes

Rick Shea – Finance Chair
• Financial report/LACC accounts

2. Finance Item: Lawn care costs require review and approval for budget transfer.

3. LACC Environmental Updates: Deb Charest – LACC Environmental Rep.

4. Ice House and barn discussions/thoughts moving forward.
• Updates to work completed and in still progress

5. LACFB/tree nursery/Project Canopy Grant Updates
a. Tree Nursery Summer/Fall Update (Rick, Deb)

6. Fundraising letter created for 5 Cty Credit Union – requesting $500 for playground equipment, etc.

7. Other upcoming events, ideas:
a. Annual September Gathering?
b. Youth Group?
c. ____________?

8. Open session! New Business!! Please bring your BOTTLES to the meeting!!
9. Adjourn
Lake Auburn Community Committee (LACC) Members & Volunteers

1. Auburn Public Rep(s) Ward 1 & 5 City Councilors Ms. Tizz Crowley & Mr. Leroy Walker
2. Neighborhood Rep West/North Auburn Neighbor Ms. Paula Curtis-Everett
3. Environmental Education & Outreach USM Environmental Major Ms. Deb Charest
4. Grant Writer Rep State of Maine Courts Ms. Suzanna Boucher (LACC Vice Chair)
5. Snowmobile Rep Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers V.P. Mr. Tom Benner
6. Scouts/Camping Rep Marketing Analyst KPI Direct Mr. Jason Pawlina (LACC Chairman & LAWNA BOD)
7. Skiing Rep Auburn Nordic Ski Assoc./AMS Mr. Jim Wilkins & Gretchen Slover
8 . Sports/youth Rep TBA
9 . Sportsman Rep Maine licensed sportsman Mr. George Bussiere
10. Equestrian Rep Oakwood Equestrian Center Mr. Ray & Tina Nichols (LAWNA BOD)
11. Forestry Rep L/A Community Forest Board Mr. Rick Shea (Finance Chair)
12. Social Media Marketing Rep Website designs Mr. Scott Hill (Web/Social Media Marketing)
13. Beach Volley Ball Rep Bates Volleyball Coach Ms. Margo Linton
14. Historical Rep TBA
15. Photography Rep Kayak interests too! Mr. Alan Holbrook
16. Golf & DIY Septic Rep PRST & Food management Mr. Larry Cogel
17. Gardening and herb Rep Streaked Mountain Herbs & Crafts Ms. Robin Rockett
18. Running Rep ELHS Coach/Lake Aub Half Mar. Mr. Dan Campbell
19. LACC Trail Boss PRST Trail Master Mr. Dan Bilodeau (LAWNA President)
20. Fund Raising Rep Environmental & Banking Mrs. Kerri Pawlina (Co-Recording Secretary)
21. Snowmobile Rep (assistant) Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers Mrs. Brenda Benner (Co-Recording Secretary)
22. Disc Golf Rep Former Ward 1 City Councilor Mr. Ron Potvin
23. Video Rep & FB blogger Paws in Motion Mr. Jeff Ekstrand
24. Barn Design Rep Mottram Architecture Ms. Emily Mottram
25. Ice Rink Helpers Larry C., Eric G. & Josh C. TBA



FROM June 17, 2014 – 7:00PM

Present: Jason Pawlina, Chairman LACC & LAWNA Director; Suzanne Boucher, Vice Chair & Grant Writer; Brenda Benner, Co-Recording Secretary; Kerri Pawlina, Co-Recording Secretary & Fundraising; Dan Bilodeau, LACC Custodian & President of LAWNA; Rick Shea, Treasurer; Alan Holbrook, LACC Kayak Club; Tom Benner, President Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers; Dave Boucher, Disc Golf Master; Rene Champagne, Property Preservation; Jeff Ekstrand, Video Chief.

Officer Reports:

Minutes approved – Dan motion, Alan Second

Finance Review:

Finance report approved: City tax, CMP, Port-o-potty, office folders (budget attached), Nursery $5k spent, Lawyers, Surveys, Equipment – $3k left in nursery acct; $1600 Community Center Acct; Motion Jeff, second Rene

P&G Update: Bush removed, Kiosk built, court leveled, barn floor moved, tetherball installed, well hooked up to plumbing, spigots, signs up. Huge progress.

Other grant news: RTP final approval, phosphorus plan 70% complete

Fundraising folders created, pages being constantly improved with better content, available for members to begin distributing as they have time, new suggestions & help with content always welcomed and encouraged.

Environmental rep Deb had meeting with Lynne @ AWD, discussion about dog waste station to be provided by AWD, discussion about drainage issues – suggestion to use “open top culverts”

Ice House thoughts and discussion, RE roof windows etc. use can only be for storage, can be heated with wood stove, lots of work to get it suitable for storage.

Question about national registry of historic places, cost prohibitive as well as other hurdles.
Two new committee members – Property Preservation (Rene), Disc Golf (Dave)

Open Session – new business: Discussion of purchase and cost of disc golf baskets

Meeting Adjourned @ 8pm