All are welcomed and encouraged to attend our 8/19 Committee meeting at the community center!

We’ll have a ton of interesting updates and progress reports, so we’ll shoot to have that consolidated into a summary agenda to be distributed via email and facebook by the end of this coming week. If anyone has information items that they would like to see included on the agenda please submit them as soon as you are able to this week so they can make it in there.

The meeting will be at the property (115 N Auburn Rd) and we’re still looking for not only a head count but some consensus as to what everyone would like to see for food! Definitely nothing too extravagant, but we’re entertaining ideas so please spark up a discussion and get your creative juices flowing (otherwise I’ll be cooking rubber dogs again!).

If you aren’t following us on facebook please do and keep an eye there for additional updates

Jason Pawlina
Chairman- Lake Auburn Community Center Committee