The Lake Auburn Neighborhood Watch event on 9/6 was well attended and the result was nothing short of an amazing display of community collaboration and positive steps forward on all sides.

Everyone learned something tonight and we appreciate those who were able to attend, and all others who shared their voice by writing.

Special thank you to Auburn PD Lieutenant and neighbor Timothy Cougle for hosting and moderating for the Lake Auburn Neighborhood Watch group, of which the Lake Auburn Community Center members and supporters are very thankful for.

Our Community Center goal is to promote recreation, environment, and community and this week that goal was achieved in the development of a compromise to keep the Spring Road groomed during the winter months, and to maintain the privacy, respect, and appreciation of the landowners and abutters who so generously share the use of their property for recreation.

Above all this compromise would provide an opportunity to give local snowmobile families, bikers, and skiers a safe option to stay off lake Auburn when the ice is unsafe.

Ideas to help see the compromise through to completion included an aggressive user vigilance and landowner relations program encouraging members of local clubs such as the Auburn Ski Association, the Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers, regular users and supporters of the Lake Auburn Community Center, and the budding Lost Valley Nordic Ski Association, among many other neighbors and friends with an interest in maintaining the values of open and responsible recreation and conservation that we all share.

We still require work to see the plan through to completion. The next step is a Wednesday afternoon (9/13 @ 3:30pm) meeting at AVCOG where the issue will receive deliberation by the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission.

The Commission will be asked to approve a temporary solution to extend grooming privileges for another season to the entire Spring Road, which will allow for the continued low-impact use of these historic trails, and promote the self-policing of this important area of the Lake Auburn watershed.

Please consider attending the Wednesday meeting, writing/emailing your Mayor, City Councilor, and Water and Sewerage District representatives/administrators to help maintain the important balance of recreation, environment, and community.