Jason Pawlina, Dan Bilodeau, Tom and Brenda Benner, Rick Shea, and Alan Holbrook.

OFFICER REPORTS: LAWNA Spring Minutes 2017
• Chairman begins meeting, welcome back, no member introductions needed, quick catch up. Chairman and our forestry expert Mr. Shea toured the tree nursery for a pre-meeting, the partnership between the affiliated Arborists of The Great City of Auburn and its sub-metropolitan non-designated territory (Lewiston) are a great success.
• Minutes presented from previous meeting, approved unanimously.
• Brenda presents finance report details, detailed discussion about recent changes including several positive reductions, generally scaling back while pushing forward, embracing positive changes, and focus on LACC self-sufficiency for the long-haul – unanimous vote to approve of the finance report.


• Brick/paver fundraising discussion, re-hash. The group will be reviving and will make-good on the already initiated contacts who may be interested this summer. Action Item: List of brick donors to be published on facebook and the LACC website.
• Shared property mowing project begins. Volunteers will be solicited for help, officers/directors will pull the cart until reinforcements arrive.
• Upcoming dates to note include: ELHS Community Service Day (5/12); Neighborhood Trash-Off (5/13), and the PG Service Day (6/14).
• Fat bikers contributed a significant boost to bottles and fundraising over the winter. Action Item: The LACC will issue a formal thank you upon arrival of Summer (hopefully before Fall at this rate).
• Summer outing(s) in the works, details pending (←Action Item). Fundraising focus, also member/user/donor appreciation is in order. To be discussed further.
• Chairman working on donation box/form for facebook non-profit page (←Action Item).
• Half-basketball court still on the radar. Rec. department involvement should also still be pursued, they need fields/play space and our kids need the fresh air.
• Next meeting date TBD (if summer happens ?).