American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day® is the country’s largest celebration of trails. Mark your 2013 calendar for June 1 to make sure you don’t miss out on the thousands of NTD activites happening all over the country.

WE ARE PLANNING A GUIDED TOUR OF THE NEW  “CONSERVATION TRAIL” from the LACC to the LAKE !!  ALong the way an 1817 Auburn commissioned road, “the original Spring Road,”  box granite culverts, the second largest, oldest red oak tree in the state of Maine (before its demise by a brush by hurricane),  killer ant mounds, the first gravel pit in what was once Minot (Bakerstown) the “Spring House Road,” leading to the donated Author Whitman Spring property, the spring house site, the wharf site where the steamship “Lewiston” arrived with tourists, the “Lake Auburn Mineral Spring Hotel” and the GRAND retaining wall that we call the Great Wall of Auburn and the “loop” trail back crossing the Whitman Spring Road Trail to the Community Property.  Should take one and a half hours leaving at 9 AM from the LACC parking and trail head site at 115 North Auburn Road.

Trail maps for self guided tours available any time from sunrise to sunset in the sign kiosk:)

The rock culvert bridge on the original "Spring Road"

The rock culvert bridge on the original “Spring Road”