LACC Meeting Minutes October 21, 2014

at the Mobile Command Center situated temporarily at 115 North Auburn Road due to inclement weather!

Meeting began at 7:03 pm.
Attending meeting were Dan Bilodeau, Jason Pawlina, Rick Shea, Tom Benner,
Brenda Benner, Jeff Ekstrand, Suzanne Boucher and Guest: Steve Whitney, LAWNA Director.


Jason’s Motion to Approve Minutes of September 16, 2014… seconded by Dan. Approved.

Finance Chair Rick Shea reviews current budget and states the only expense during the last month was the porta potty. Rooper’s account is $228. and they have not been giving the extra penny per bottle for non-profit but will be from now on.

Environmental Rep Deb Charest not present but she communicates that the Doggy Poo Station has been donated by Auburn Water District and it has been ordered.

Dan reviews RTP /trail work update….the dump truck has been fixed and 400 MORE feet of trail base fabric has been donated. Work will resume next week on the trail, weather permitting! Dan says the RTP Grant submissions are on-going and the trail will be done by Summer 60 days.

Discussion about Project Canopy nursery progress….working with the AVEC group of students on the life cycle brochure. Also final grant report complete and will be out next week. Canopy grant should be closed in 60 days.

Dan reminds members that Monique has been down the trail in her wheelchair and enjoyed it, she has ADA reports and he suggests ….”Monique’s Crossing “ for an appropriate name where Conservation and Merrick intersect. Motion made, seconded and approved!

According to Jason….Scott Hatch will be back to winterize the back side of the barn.

A petition to encourage LAWPC to keep ALL EXISTING Lake Auburn trails open to the public is circulating in response to Lynne Richards removing the historic Hotel Loop trail and the winter (pedestrian use only) portion of the Conservation Trail from the Maine Trail Finder website.  It’s generally understood that public hearings in the middle of the day during the middle of the week can not be attended by the general public and this petition serves that purpose, to notify LAWPC officials of the request from the public to keep all trails open.pc10 (2)

Guest Steve Whitney says he appreciates all our work that has been done at the property.
A big thanks to Dan for use of his motor home before it sails into storage in the warmer

Jason organizes a discussion about donor appreciation with input from all. In summary, a summer gathering next year with an RSVP to our 2013 & 2014 donors in appreciation for their continued support! More on this to follow.

Meeting adjourned at 9:11 pm.
Agenda topics for next month ice rink setup and support and winter-fest input.

November 18 is our next meeting at Androscoggin Bank on Minot Avenue.