Recreation at the Lake Auburn Community Center

Welcome to the Lake Auburn Community Center (LACC) – Your outdoor recreation hot spot!! Many volunteer hours have gone into making this an open and accessible recreation space for the community. Once you make the trip to experience all there is to offer you will want to keep coming back AND it’s all within minutes of downtown Auburn, Maine.

We’re fully supported by donations from users and recreation enthusiasts like you!  Visit our Paypal giving fund page to help us out.

Recreation options include a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pit, tetherball, a small fire pit, a charcoal bbq grill, a covered area to escape the elements, and endless opportunities to explore the area around the historic barn, surrounding trails, and nature.

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Although the property is not directly on the Lake, it is within a reasonable trail walk via the Merrick’s Way trail.  Be sure to check out our own Conservation Trail, our on-property nature preserve and one of the most private and pristine sites you’ll find anywhere around.  If you have questions about the trails or available on-site options, don’t hesitate to send us a note on facebook messenger.

Find us on facebook here or Find us outside at 115 North Auburn Road.