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If you walk Spring Road frequently, you’ve seen our battle with erosion at the site recently under construction.  This site has contributed a lot of sediment to the lake, in spite of ongoing efforts to control the flow.  Our study has identified that too much of the North Auburn Rd subwatershed drains to that site, especially during the large storms we’ve seen in the past couple of years; but solving that problem will involve a hefty investment of time and money from multiple partners.  We’re working toward that, but until we can address those uphill drainage issues we’ve engineered a solution to handle existing flows.

The previously eroded area is now heavily armed with stone-covered landscape fabric, ending in larger plunge pools to collect any wayward sediment. We’re stabilizing the site today; once stabilized there should not be scouring and erosion that previously cut into the slope.  Should heavy rains cause some sediment accumulation we can now more easily remove it; and we’ll be checking frequently to make sure it’s all working as it should.

The project meets or exceeds all legal requirements and accepted BMP practices; designed by our District Engineer with technical assistance from Androscoggin Soil and Water Conservation District’s Executive Director.  All work has been supervised by AWSD’s construction foreman, who is state certified to conduct erosion control installation in shoreland areas; a requirement of the new law passed in January 2013.

We anticipate that this work will keep sediment from this site getting to the lake and we will continue to seek permanent solutions to the initiating problems. This project addresses one of the larger erosion sites on LAWPC property,  and we are simultaneously working on others, as well.

LAWNA/LACC members can help! Please let us know if the system malfunctions or needs maintenance.  Staff here will certainly swing by to take a look, but more eyes will keep us better informed.  LAWNA/LACC folks are on site even more than we are, and at times we aren’t nearby.   Later, we may want to do some planting there- there may be opportunity to work together on that.  We will appreciate the help –

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