Lake Auburn Community Center Agenda 

September 16, 2014 – 7:00pm

The Lake Auburn Community Center: 115 North Auburn Road, Auburn


5:30pm Pre-Committee Meeting Volleyball, BYO Snacks and Refreshments from 5:30pm.  All are welcomed to attend and are encouraged to bring something to contribute to the snacking and refreshing while we prepare for our 7pm committee meeting!

7:00 PM Regular Committee Meeting Session

  1. Officer Reports:

Brenda Benner–August Recording Secretary

  • Quick Review of Previous Meeting Minutes

Rick Shea – Finance Chair

  • Financial report/LACC accounts   

LACC Environmental Updates:  Deb Charest – LACC Environmental Rep.

    1. Doggie Doo Post
  1. Trail work updates, etc:
    1. Trail to nursery.
    2. Trail to LACC project site.
    3. Other trail/grant items in progress that need attention:

i.      Project Canopy brochure and signage that summarizes the grant achievements and teaches about the life cycle of the red maple tree on the property, from whirly-bird into the sand court to transplanting to a city street tree.  Due October-Nov this year

ii.      RTP Rec Trail Grant Program which is brochures and signage, summarizing the grant achievements and integrating different types of trail construction/uses w/environmental effects.  Due Spring 2015


  1. Trail/bridge name discussion.


  1. Ice House update & barn plans heading into fall/winter.
  2. Tree nursery update
    1. Tree planting 9/25 with AVEC
  3. Open session!  New Business!!  Please bring your BOTTLES to the meeting!!


  1. Adjourn

Lake Auburn Community Committee (LACC) Members & Volunteers


1.   Auburn Public Rep(s)                               Ward 1 & 5 City Councilors              Ms. Tizz Crowley & Mr. Leroy Walker

2.  Neighborhood Rep                                    West/North Auburn Neighbor            Ms. Paula Curtis-Everett

3.   Environmental Education & Outreach      USM Environmental Major                Ms. Deb Charest

4.   Grant Writer Rep                                      State of Maine Courts                         Ms. Suzanna Boucher (LACC Vice Chair)

5.   Snowmobile Rep                                       Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers V.P.      Mr. Tom Benner

6.   Scouts/Camping Rep                                Marketing Analyst KPI Direct           Mr. Jason Pawlina (LACC Chairman & LAWNA BOD)

7.   Skiing Rep                                                Auburn Nordic Ski Assoc./AMS        Mr. Jim Wilkins & Gretchen Slover

8 .  Sports/youth  Rep                                     TBA

9 .  Sportsman Rep                                          Maine licensed sportsman                   Mr. George Bussiere

10. Equestrian Rep                                          Oakwood Equestrian Center               Mr. Ray & Tina Nichols (LAWNA BOD)

11. Forestry Rep                                              L/A Community Forest Board            Mr. Rick Shea   (Finance Chair)

12. Social Media Marketing Rep             Website designs       Mr. Scott Hill   (Web/Social Media Marketing)

13. Beach Volley Ball Rep                              Bates Volleyball Coach                      Ms. Margo Linton

14. Historical Rep                                           TBA

15. Photography Rep                                       Kayak interests too!                             Mr. Alan Holbrook

16. Golf & DIY Septic Rep                             PRST & Food management                Mr. Larry Cogel

17. Gardening and herb Rep                            Streaked Mountain Herbs & Crafts     Ms. Robin Rockett

18. Running Rep                                              ELHS Coach/Lake Aub Half Mar.     Mr. Dan Campbell

19. LACC Trail Boss                                       PRST Trail Master                              Mr. Dan Bilodeau (LAWNA President)

20. Fund Raising Rep                                     Environmental & Banking                  Mrs. Kerri Pawlina (Co-Recording Secretary)

21. Snowmobile Rep  (assistant)                     Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers  Mrs. Brenda Benner (Co-Recording Secretary)

22. Disc Golf Rep                                            Former Ward 1 City Councilor           Mr. Ron Potvin

23. Video  Rep & FB blogger                         Paws in Motion                                  Mr. Jeff Ekstrand

24. Barn Design Rep                                       Mottram Architecture                          Ms. Emily Mottram

25. Ice Rink Helpers                                        Larry C., Eric G. & Josh C.                TBA








FROM August 19, 2014 – 7:00PM


Meeting called to order at 7:15 p.m.  Those in attendance:

Jason & Kerri, and Melissa Pawlina

Suzanne Boucher

Dan & Stacy, and Evy Bilodeau

Jeff Ekstrand

Scott & Reece Rodrique

Deb Charest

Doug Stone

Brenda Benner

Note…may have missed some names



New Youth Members:

Reece – Security

Evelyn and Melissa – Youth Activities



Doggie “poo” station discussion

Auburn Water District will purchase as a good neighbor

We need to give site and item information to Lynn @ Auburn Water to purchase

We will recommend the $200 unit

Auburn Water gathering trail data – GPS, etc.

Will be creating a map


Ice House and Barn Discussion

Removed and cleaned up sawdust from the Ice House “floor”

Put in drainage pipes and crushed rock

Made the area safe

Work on Property:

Finishing up grant work – road and irrigation


Project Canopy discussion re:  mixing loam = 25% gravel, 5% compost, rest loam


Five County Credit Union:

We submitted a letter with a request for$500 for playground equipment to BOD – may be a few months before we hear anything

Lawn Mowing by Rene Champagne:

$75 per mow with $37.50 donation by Rene back to LACC – agreed to reimburse LAWNA and reallocate $800 of insurance budget to pay Rene – not to exceed $800


Discussion around Youth Group Activities – one suggestion was to come to LACC to volunteer and study


Meeting adjourned at approx.. 8:30 p.m.