CITtrailRide4SAP012813Lake Auburn Community Committee Agenda for MEETING June 18, 2013

6pm Tuesday night, City of Auburn, City Hall, Community Room 2nd Floor

Enter ground floor at Police entrance, take elevator on right to 2nd floor, bump out room straight ahead.

1. Officer Reports:
Scott Bussiere, recording secretary: Minutes for May 21st
Discussion & Corrections
Motion to approve
Rick Shea, finance chair: Financial report LACC account(s)

2. Vice Chairman report.(Jason)

3. Volley Ball Court/Skating rink: site plan review for special exemption (Dan will be absent)
Important dead lines and dates:
June 30th six abutter reports (Scott Hatch)
July 5th Planning Board submittal deadline (Dan)
August 13th Planning Board public hearing for LACC special exemption (Committee)

4. Request for funds Motion & Vote for LACC nursery draw down: $1080.00 (insert)

5. Land Owner relations update & tax bill insert.(Scott Hatch)

6. GA Downing Sponsor: $480/yr donation, new monthly bill for porta-potty $65/month instead of $105 !!
(paid by LAWNA)

7. Bicycle pump track (Chris) “Conservation Trail” (Sue); Scout camps (Jason) & tree nursery (Rick), tech
intern (Scott) updates.

8. Committee SUMMER family PARTY at the LACC property. Nail down a date.

9. Nominations for Chair (has been tabled)

10. August member Meeting at the LACC property…..PARTY (BYOTent) August 20, 2013

11. Open session!

12. Adjourn